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Zendesk Bug Reporting FAQ


What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a ticketing and knowledge base software. Microsoft Flight Simulator uses Zendesk to receive bug reports and support tickets.


Are bugs and issues tracked in Zendesk? 

No, unlike other software like Jira or Github, Zendesk is not designed as a bug and issue tracker.

Microsoft Flight Simulator bugs and issues are tracked in a separate software internally.


How do I know if you have received my bug reports?

You will receive a copy of your ticket by email and a confirmation that we have received your bug report. If you haven't received any email, please check your spam folder and add to your list of contacts.


Can you explain the Bug Reports (Ticket) statuses to me?

Below you will find a short description of each status.

  • New: The bug report is in the queue and hasn't been handled yet.
  • Open: You updated the bug report.
  • Awaiting your reply: Our team contacted you to request more information and is waiting for your reply. 
  • Solved/Closed: The bug report has been handled and escalated to our internal bug tracker—Our QA team will then review the information and try to reproduce the issue thanks to the information you provided. 


I reported bugs and you closed the ticket but the bug isn’t solved in the sim, why?

Because bugs and issues are tracked in our internal tracker, the status of your Zendesk bug report (ticket) does not necessarily reflect the status of the bug in-game. To know if a bug has been fixed, please refer to the Release notes.


How are bugs prioritized?

Typically, game-breaking bugs will receive the highest priority, while middle-of-the-road and cosmetic bugs are prioritized based on reproduction & number of times reported. Even if you find a bug that has already been reported, feel free to send in a report to help us prioritize correctly.


How can I submit a bug report?

Before submitting a new bug, visit the Known Issues list.  If your issue is not listed in the Known Issues list head to the Bugs & Issues forum. There you can search if a bug or issue has already been reported. 

    • If the issue has been reported already, simply add your vote.
    • If the issue hasn't been reported yet create your own topic by following this template to know how many pilots are experiencing the same issue.
    • Fill out the bug report form with as much information as possible.


When will you fix the bug I reported? 

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any ETA as to when a specific bug will be fixed in-game. The Community team produces a weekly snapshot and a community triage update. Do not miss our Weekly Development Updates


For a more comprehensive list of bugs and feedback already tracked or under investigation, don't forget to visit the forums.

  • Tag: "Bug-logged" - The issue reported by the community is logged as a bug in our database. Note: Once logged, the team will be working on a fix for a future update
  • Tag: "Investigating"  - The team is aware of an issue and currently investigating
  • Tag "Feedback-logged" - A Community Feedback is logged in our database to verify the bug. Note: If the feedback is verified as a bug, the thread’s tag will be changed to “Bug logged”
  • Tag: "Need-your-help" - Unable to reproduce, need further information
  • Tag "Workaround" - A workaround is available
  • Tag: "Fixed-on-live" - The issue previously reported is now fixed on the current version of the SIM


Will you let me know when the bug I reported is fixed in-game? 

No, you will not receive further updates or an answer to your bug report. To know if a bug has been fixed, please refer to the Release notes.


I submitted a bug report to report an issue that prevents me from installing or downloading the sim and you closed my report, what should I do? 

Bug reports are not to report technical or account issues that prevent you from installing or downloading the sim. If you mistakenly opened a bug report instead of a support request, please choose the most appropriate category from the dropdown menu and submit a new request.


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