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How do I send in a crash report for MSFS?


This guide will take you through the steps of using the Event Viewer System Tool to export CTD (Crash to Desktop) information to submit via a Zendesk ticket when reporting an issue or bug.

Launching Event Viewer

1. Click on the Start menu

2. Type into the search bar, "Event Viewer"

3. Launch Event Viewer

4. Maximize the Event Viewer for easy viewing. Drag the columns so you can read the information shown.


Tip: Press the Windows Key + X, and choose Event Viewer for quick launch.

Finding CTD Crash Log Entries

1. On the left, expand the Windows Logs folder so you can see the sub categories; Application, Security, Setup, System, Forwarded Events.

2. The category most useful will likely be Application.

If you having system stability issues, driver issues, power management issues; the category System might be useful to you. For MSFS CTDs, look in the Application category.



3. Look on the right side at the list of log entries. You can use Find (CTRL + F) or the Actions Toolbar to find log entries. Just search for Alpha and you should find some CTD log entries (and/or other errors).

image__2_.png   image__3_.png

Exporting CTD Crash Log Entries

  1. Once you find the relevant log entries, based on time of occurrence, right-click on the log entry, and save selected events.


2. Choose a File Type, use either the .evtx or .txt file format for the MSFS developer team and save the file to send later.


You can now use this attachment to send when submitting a bug or issue via Zendesk to help our team troubleshoot. Thank you!

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