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How to contact support?


We have listed below the best methods of contacting support, depending on your version of Microsoft Flight Simulator and the area of support you need.



Microsoft account or

Xbox account

  • Lost credentials
  • Difficulty creating an account
  • Question about your personal information
  • Account locked for violating the TOS
  • Account banned
Xbox Support

Account & Billing issues

  • Questions about a pre-order or a purchase
  • Question about your payment method or Microsoft account balance
  • Problem redeeming a game code
  • Refund and cancellations (game)
Microsoft Store & billing help

Xbox app & Game Pass

  • Problems installing the simulator from the Xbox app
  • Problems launching the simulator from the Xbox app
  • Problems with your Game pass Subscription
  • Specific installation and startup errors
Troubleshoot issues with the Xbox app for Windows

Retail disc version

  • General questions about the disc version
  • Exchange of the disc version
  • Download and installation issues with the disc version
  • Download and installation issues
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Refunds and cancellations (game)
Steam support
Xbox console
  • Hardware and networking issues
  • Download and installation issues
Xbox support
Marketplace purchases (Bug)
  • DLC is different than expected
  • DLC is making the simulator crash
  • Feedback or questions about how the DLC works

Contact the developer

  1. Open the Marketplace.
  2. Type the name of your addon in the search field.
  3. Scroll down under the description until you see "support contact."
Marketplace purchases
  • Purchase not received
  • Duplicate charges
  • DLC was removed from the Marketplace
Submit a request
Tech support
  • Loading, Crashing, and performance issues with the simulator
  • The buy and download button is grayed out
  • Package download and installation issues
  • ETC...
Submit a request 
  • "How to" questions
Submit a request
Bug reports
  • Aircraft & Systems bugs
  • ATC, Traffic & NAVAIDs
  • Scenery and Airports
  • ETC...
Bug Reporting Hub
Feedback & Feature requests
  • Feature requests directed toward the MS/Asobo team
Wishlist hub
  • Questions & Feedback about the SDK
  • SimConnect
  • Bugs with the SDK
SDK DevSupport
Insider program & Insider area issues
  • Question about the Insider Program
  • Bug with the website
Xbox Insiders
Xcloud Gaming
  • How to play 
  • Known issues & limitations
Play Microsoft Flight Simulator with Xbox Cloud Gaming


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