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What peripherals are compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator?


Most peripherals will work, but here is our list of top recommendations. 


Note: If your peripherals are not on the list below, it is expected for them to still work but with more customization by the user to map the keys properly.


Manufacturer Device Name PC XBOX
CH Products Combatstick USB x  
Fighterstick USB x  
Flightstick Pro x  
Pro Throttle x  
Throttle Quadrant x  
Eclipse Yoke x  
Flight Sim Yoke x  
Pro Pedals x  
HoneyComb Alpha Flight Controls x  
Alpha Flight Controls Pro x x
Alpha Flight Controls XPC   x
Charlie Rudder pedals x  
HORI Hotas Flight Stick x x
HP Mixed reality controller (VR) x  
HTC Vice Vive controller (VR) x  
Leo Bodnar BU0836X x  
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick x  
Pro Flight X56 Rhino H.O.T.A.S System Stick x  
Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant x  
Pro Flight X56 Rhino H.O.T.A.S System Throttle x  
Pro Flight X52 Flight System x  
Pro Flight Yoke x  
Pro Flight Rudder Pedals x  
Meta Quest Oculus Touch (VR) x  
Pro Flight Trainer PUMA X x  
Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X x  
HOTAS Warthog Joystick x  
T16000 Joystick x  
TCA Sidestick x  
TCA Sidestick X x x
HOTAS Warthog Throttle x  
TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition x  
TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition x  
Viper Panel x  
Viper TQS x  
T.Flight Hotas 4 x  
T.Flight Hotas One x x
T.Flight Hotas X x  
TCA Yoke Boeing Edition x x
TPR Rudder Pedals x  
T.Flight Rudder Pedals x  
MFD Cougar Pedals x  
Tobii Eye Tracker x  
Turtle Beach

VelocityOne Flightstick x x
VelocityOne Flight Quadrant x  
VelocityOne Yoke x x
VelocityOne Rudder Pedals x  
VelocityOne Flight Deck x  
Valve Valve Index Controller (VR) x  
Virtual Fly

TQ3+ Throttle Quadrant x  
TQ6+ Throttle Quadrant x  
YOKO+ Yoke x  

RUDDO+ Rudder Pedals


Yoko Neo


TQ Neo

Yawman Yawman Arrow x  

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