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KNOWN ISSUES (Last update Nov. 19th, 2021)


Please find below a list of other known issues and solutions (when available)



  • TrackIR may sometimes stop working properly during a flight. Press F12 to reset the position.

  • Glass cockpit remains off when starting from cold & dark with the Volocity

  • Save custom weather presets is not operational

  • High-temperature spikes happen above 44000ft

  • Assistances reset to "Easy"  
    • Go to Options > Assistance Options. Customize the settings as per your convenience and skill.


  • Only one controller is active at a time, so you cannot interact with two instruments at the same time. However, you can control the yoke and interact with an instrument simultaneously. A few planes, such as the Volocopter, have a very specific configuration (throttle or other instruments on the yoke for example) which makes them currently more complicated to control with VR controllers. We will work on a way to make these planes fully compatible with VR controllers in the future.

  • The HUD in Reno Races may appear in the center of the field of view. Switching out of and back to VR fixes the problem.

  • A large white dot appears in the center of the screen during the loading after completing a landing challenge

  • You may experience a visual glitch when loading the main menu back from the cockpit

  • Clicking on the Toolbar does not work (mouse, VR controller)
    -There may be some issues with the VR controllers when setting the interaction model to Legacy


  • Aircraft can no longer compiles because of glTF errors

FA-18 Super Hornet:

  • Has trouble maintaining bank angle after Roll Hold mode is engaged

  • Autopilot RALT mode does not work, it doesn’t follow height above the ground

  • Barometric Altitude (BALT) Hold fails to engage if Auto Throttle is active

  • Afterburners don’t engage when you push the throttle to 100%. They need to be activated with a key binding

  • HUD flickers depending on lighting

World Map:

  • Using a mouse with a custom profile will not allow you to pan across the world map. Revert your mouse to the default profile as a workaround, or rebuild a custom profile from the default mapping.





  • We have received reports that with Sim Update V, crashes may occur if you have FlyByWire's A32NX free mod installed from the Marketplace. While we work with FlyByWire to get this updated, we have briefly de-listed this item.
    • Workaround:
      • If you currently own the mod and are experiencing CTDs, please do the following: Go to your Profile > Content Manager > Search for FlyByWire's A32NX in the search bar. Once found, click it and press 'Delete' to uninstall it. It will now show up as Uninstalled in your Content Manager.


  • Screens go black when flying: There are multiple root causes being investigated, but one issue is related to battery drain. The starter is always ON even after the engine having been started, continuously draining the battery. After some time, the systems shutdown. 
    • Workarounds: 
      • Flip the ENG switches off prior to starting a flight. This only applies to the piston aircraft (e.g. C172, DA40).
      • Unbind the "Set Starter" from the ENG 1 switch
      • Unplug the TCA Airbus Quadrant


  • Unable to navigate through some of the menus due to freezing or the cursor jumps around and does not interact with menu elements.
    • Workaround: 
      • Stop or pause any downloading content, restarting the game, connecting a USB mouse, and even opening the Xbox Guide and closing it again


  • Downloading ~25 GB of content and entering a flight durations of 2+ hours may cause a crash or service disconnection issue  
    • Workaround: 
      • On Xbox: press the Xbox (jewel) button on the console face once, which places the console into connected standby mode. Then, press it again to wake it back up.


  • Syncing customized controller mappings from a PC build to console may cause the controller to become unresponsive other than the B button.   
    • Workaround:   
      • Select the Default controller profile in your PC settings and sync the updated settings to the Console. Go to Manage Game > Saved Date > Delete Your Profile
      • Use an external mouse attached directly to the console to update to the Default controller profile and then customize as needed.  
  • User can get stuck in the Freelook view and be unable to bring the cursor back up  
    • Workarounds:   
      • Restart the flight, this will set the Cockpit Camera Type back to Fixed Look.  
      • Use a mouse and press the scroll wheel in, this will change Camera Type back to Fixed Look.  
      • Go to Options > General > Camera > Cockpit Camera > Toggle Home cockpit mode "OFF". 
  • Mouse Stops Interacting with the Virtual Cockpit.
    • Workaround:
      • Open/Close windows such as Little NavMap
      • Right-Click to focus on the sim again


  • Textures in Free Flight do not properly render nearing both the North and South Poles  
    • Workaround: Select another location for Free Flight  


  • User will not be able to launch a saved flight plan using a deleted aircraft. The FLY button in the loading screen will be disabled with no messaging.   
    • Workaround:  
      • Re-install missing aircraft used in saved flight plan   
      • Create new flight plan with valid aircraft installed
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