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Steam - Missing Deluxe or Premium Deluxe / DLC content


NOTE: If you see only 2 aircraft in the hangar:

See our article "Only 2 aircraft in the hangar" - How to install additional content? (First installation or reinstallation) instead.


If you have access to the 20 aircraft from the Standard Edition in the hangar, but the additional content is missing:

  1. Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator
  2. Click on your gamertag in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Click on Sign out
  4. Close Microsoft Flight Simulator
  5. Click on your Steam username
  6. Click on Log out of account: Your Username
  7. Reboot the computer
  8. Launch Steam
  9. Sign in to Steam with the account used to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator
  10. Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator
  11. Sign in with the email address of the gamertag linked to Microsoft Flight Simulator
  12. Go to Content Manager to download the additional content.


NOTE: The additional content cannot be shared with other Steam accounts. 
For more details, see: Gamertag & Microsoft Account FAQ


If the additional content is still missing after doing the above, follow the steps below.



If your time is not synced, or the region is incorrect, you will not be able to authenticate your content—the Time & Language settings of your PC settings must match the location and timezone of the Microsoft account associated with Microsoft Flight Simulator.  

1. On your PC, select Start, then select Settings > Time & Language


2. Go to Date & time to verify your time & timezone settings

3. Go to Region to check your location.


NOTE: You can ensure your computer’s clocked is synced by navigating to Start > Settings > Time & Language > Date & Time, where you can toggle the “Set time automatically setting" to ON.



NOTE: If you're using Wi-Fi, switch to an LTE or wired connection instead. This will help ensure that you are on a stable internet connection. 


1. Close Microsoft Flight Simulator and Steam

2. Reboot your modem by switching it off for 60 seconds or more. 

3. Launch Steam and Microsoft Flight Simulator again

4. Restart Online Functionality

To do so:

  • Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Go to Options > General > Data
  • Toggle Online Functionality OFF
  • Click on Apply & Save
  • Toggle Online Functionality ON
  • Click on Apply & Save

Warning: Online Services automatically shut off when you have reached the monthly data limit. If your current Data Consumption is superior to the Data Limit you have set up:

  • Go to Options > General > Data
  • Turn Data Limitation OFF


  • Increase the Data Limit (GIB)




1. Go to your Steam Library

2. Click on Microsoft Flight Simulator in your list of games

3. Look for the "DLC" tab (under achievements)

4. Click on "Manage my (x) DLC"

5. Make sure that that the DLCs are enabled and installed


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