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What should I know before using mods in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

“Mods” are content modifications created by community enthusiasts to help extend your Microsoft Flight Simulator experience.

Important things to know about mods

Mods are not official Microsoft Flight Simulator products. When using mods, consider these factors:

  • You mod at your own risk—the stability and security of your Windows 10|11 device might be affected
  • Mods are not owned, operated, or tested by the Microsoft Flight Simulator Team. The Microsoft Flight Simulator Team is not responsible for mods or actions taken by mods installed on your device.
  • Future Microsoft Flight Simulator updates may not be compatible with the installed mods
  • Achievements and other Microsoft Flight Simulator features may be unavailable.
  • Your Xbox Live and device data may be accessed by the mod’s creator. Your personal data may also be exposed.
  • Mod content isn’t rated by the ESRB or other boards and may not be appropriate for every age.
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