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Purchase issues: My account was charged but I haven't received my marketplace purchase


If you have made a purchase from the Marketplace and your bank account or Steam wallet has been charged, but you have not yet received the item, please follow these steps:



You may need to relaunch the game to see the item in the Content Manager.



There are various steps in the online payment process, and in some extreme cases, a payment can take up to several days.

  • If the payment is successful, you will receive the DLC the next time you launch the simulator.
  • If the payment is unsuccessful, the charge will clear itself up and disappear from your bank statement after a few days.



If the payment was successful (the charge changed from 'pending' to 'processed' or 'complete' in your bank statement or the funds were withdrawn from your Steam wallet), but you haven't received the DLC after restarting the simulator, please submit a request. Our team will redeem the item on your account.


When filling out the contact form, select these options:

  • Contact Microsoft Flight Simulator support
  • Marketplace and purchase issues
  • (Depending on your platform) My payment method was charged but I haven't received my marketplace purchase or My Steam wallet was charged but I haven't received my marketplace purchase.


Make sure to include this information: 

  • Your gamertag as it appear in the corner of the simulator (The system is case-sensitive, if your gamertag is TOTO#01, we can't find it in the database if you write "toto01")
  • The name  of the DLC 
  • The name  of the developer
  • The Transaction ID or Order number of the missing purchase
  • Proof that the funds have been withdrawn
Microsoft Store & Xbox Screenshot of your bank statement

**An invoice is created immediately in the Microsoft Store despite a transaction being in a pending state. This is why we can only accept a bank statement as proof that the funds were withdrawn.
Steam  Screenshot of your Steam Wallet Receipt 
How to send a copy of your Steam Wallet Receipt

NOTE: We cannot redeem the entitlement if the status of the transaction is "pending" or "refunded"

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