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Purchase issues: I've been charged twice for the same Marketplace purchase


Sometimes when a transaction takes too long to complete you may receive a Purchase Failed error message but the system charges you.

If you were charged twice for the same purchase, please contact our support team as soon as possible. Please note that our team will not refund you ourselves but we will use the information you provide us to contact the relevant teams at Steam and Microsoft.


Your ticket must imperatively include the following information:

  • The reference (name & developer) of the DLC you tried to purchase
    • There are hundreds of DLCs on sale in the marketplace nowadays and some airports are developed by several companies. 


  • Your gamertag as it appears in the top right corner of the sim when you're playing.
    • The system is case-sensitive, if your gamertag is TOTO#01, we can't find it in the database if you write "toto01"


  • Your Platform
    • Make sure to select the correct platform (Microsoft Store, Steam, etc...) when filling out the contact form, especially if you own the sim on several platforms.



  • A screenshot of your proof of purchase that proves that the funds have been withdrawn more than once.
    • Microsoft Store/Xbox Store
        • An invoice is created immediately in the Microsoft Store despite a transaction being in a pending state. This is why we can only accept a bank statement as proof that the funds were withdrawn. 




How to submit a request 

  1. Click on "Submit a request" in the top right corner of this page.submit_a_request.png
  2. In the drop-down menu "How can we help", select Purchase issues (I haven't received my Marketplace Purchase, the Buy & Download button is grayed out, I've been charged twice, etc...)
  3. Under "I'm having the following problem" select from the drop-down menu "Duplicate Charge" and fill out the contact form.
  4. Under "Attachments" click "Add file" to upload a screenshot or copy (.PNG or .JPG format) of your proof of purchase


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