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Safe Mode FAQ



What is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a feature allowing players to launch the sim in a basic state to ensure stability.

When will Safe Mode activate?

The Safe Mode message box appears every time the players launch the game after experiencing a crash as long as the dev mode is not enabled.


What does booting in Safe Mode do?

Safe Mode in Microsoft Flight Simulator disables temporarily: third-party content from the Marketplace and mods from the community folder.


Do you know which add-on caused my last session to end unexpectedly?

There is no way to know exactly which add-on or combination of add-ons caused the crash. To find out, you will need to reactivate your Community and third-party content one by one.

I'm still crashing in Safe Mode, what can I do?

If the issue persists in Safe Mode, consult this article: Checklist: How to troubleshoot crashing/CTDs issues

If the issue stops, you'll need to investigate which third-party software, mods, add-ons, or community content is no longer compatible with the simulator.


Can I manually boot in Safe Mode?

You cannot activate Safe Mode yourself, but you can disable/uninstall your Community and 3rd party content via the Content Manager.


Can I quit Safe Mode?

To exit Safe Mode, relaunch the game.

You can also go to Profile > Content Manager > Not installed and update/reinstall the content of your choice while in Safe Mode, installing or updating content will re-enable content that has been deactivated by the Safe Mode.


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