Microsoft Flight Simulator FAQ

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Game Pass - Download and installation guide



Before installing Microsoft Flight Simulator, install the US English Language Pack for Apps & Websites. To do so, click the links corresponding to your Windows version below, and follow the instructions:



  1. Download the Game Pass for PC app from this link: Xbox Game Pass for PCDownloadtheapp.PNG
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account to access your games, subscriptions, and Xbox profile.
    • Open the Xbox app.
    • Select Profile & settings in the upper right corner and then select Sign in.
    • Windows will automatically find your account info. If you don’t recognize the Xbox profile shown, select Switch accounts and then enter a different Microsoft account.


    If you aren’t sure what the email address is for your Microsoft account, see:
    If you aren’t sure what the password is for your Microsoft account, see:
    If you’re having trouble finding the PC gaming content associated with your Windows device, see:
  3. Select the Game Pass tab, and then choose Microsoft Flight Simulator from the catalog or type it in the search box.GamePasstab.png
  4. On the game’s page, select Install and then follow the prompts.Xbox_app_Search.png
  5. Select Microsoft Flight Simulator from the search results
  6. Select install the game and follow the instructions
  7. Once the app is installed, click on Play to launch Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  8. Sign in with your Microsoft account 
  9. Using the checkboxes, select the additional content you want to download and install (You can also choose to install your additional content later once the base sim is installed.) Screenshot_2022-03-23_105956.png
  10. Click Update to start downloading the packages.



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