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How to fix loading issues after clicking "Play"


In this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot loading issues such as:

  • Being stuck on the initial loading screen 
  • Long loading times
  • Being stuck on a black screen 
  • Being stuck on a loading screen after clicking "Fly"



For Microsoft Flight Simulator to function properly, you need to download and install the English (United States) Language Pack for Apps & Websites. You can do this by using the Add a Language feature.



To resolve a possible profile corruption or account mismatch, follow the steps provided below.


Restart your PC

As basic as this is, a simple restart can set many things right.


Sync your settings 

To sync your settings and purchases across all your devices, sign in with the account used to purchase the simulator or subscribe to Game Pass.


Sign in to the Xbox app & the Store with the same account 

When you open the Xbox app on your device, sign in using the Microsoft account used to purchase the simulator or subscribe to Game Pass.

Sign in to both the Store and the Xbox app to ensure that your entitlements for the additional content can be validated. 


Run the Gaming Services Repair tool

You can use this tool from within the Xbox app or try the downloadable version. For detailed instructions on how to run this tool, visit: 


Reset the Store

  • On your keyboard, press the “Win Logo” + “R” keys
  • Type: WSReset.exe and press “Enter
  • A black window will pop up. Wait until the pop up disappears and the Store comes up
  • Reboot your computer


Update the Xbox & Gaming Services apps

  1. Press the Start button on the taskbar, type store, and open the Microsoft Store app.
  2. Select Library.
  3. Under Updates & downloads, check for updates for the Xbox app or Gaming Services app. If an update is available, select Update.


Update Windows

  1. Press the Start button on the taskbar, type settings, and select Settings.
  2. On Windows 10, select Update & Security. On Windows 11, select Windows Update.
  3. On the Windows Update page, select Check for updates to see if any updates are available for your device.
  4. After the updates have downloaded, select Install now to start the installation.
  5. Following installation, we recommend restarting your device so that the latest updates can take effect.


Synchronize your Time and Region settings.

  1. Press the Start button on the taskbar, type settings, and select Settings.
  2. Select Date & Time and toggle the “Set time automatically setting" and “Set time zone automatically” to ON.
  3. Click on Synchronize your clock to synchronize your system's clock with an Internet time server.
  4. Then click Region, and double-check that your country or region is correctly set up (for example if you live in Canada, make sure that the region didn't switch to USA or vice-versa)



Make sure flightsimulator.exe can connect to the internet on your firewall settings.

If you are using third-party Antivirus or firewall programs, refer to their manuals on how to allow programs and games to connect to the Internet.



If you are still stuck on the loading screen or the sim crashes before loading fully after exhausting the basic steps listed above, you must restore the sim to its vanilla state (i.e. undo any modification made to your config files by yourself or by a plug-in you use, remove plug-ins and software additions that allow for the customization or add new functions to Microsoft Flight Simulator, uninstall Navigraph and use NavData Nav Center to remove the Navigraph database etc...)

You'll find step-by-step instructions in our guide "How to restore the sim to its vanilla state."

NOTE: Vanilla ≠ "without community folder". Please make sure to follow the guide attentively.



If the problem persists after restoring the sim to its vanilla state, check the additional  troubleshooting steps you'll find in the following knowledge base articles:


If none of the solutions listed in the knowledge base fixed your issue, head to the Bugs & Issues forum. There you can search if a bug or issue has already been reported and add your vote or create your own topic by following the template.


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