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Troubleshoot unwanted gameplay behavior


There are several parameters you need to check when experiencing unwanted behavior in Microsoft Flight Simulator with one or several aircraft.

  • Close Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Unplug any peripherals you do not need to use 
  • Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator 
  • Go to Options > General Options > Flight model
  • Double-check that the Flight Model is set to "Modern" (Legacy flight model is only to be used with modded aircraft imported from FSX: SE)FlightModel_Modern.PNG
  • Go to Options Controls Options
  • For each peripheral plugged into the sim, toggle "Default" under your peripheral name
  • Click "Apply & Save"Default_profile.png
  • Adjust the sensitivity curve of your devices in the "Sensitivity" menu.Sensitivity.PNG
  • Finally, open "Assistance options" and customize the settings as per your convenience and skill. Assistance.PNG

If the issue stops while using the default keybinding it's likely that your instruments had a double mapping (e.g. on the joystick and on the rudder pedals for instance). To fix this issue quickly, simply rebuild a custom profile from the default mapping or use the default mapping.

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