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How to move Microsoft Flight Simulator to a new PC


If you haven't played in a while, we don't recommend copy-pasting your installation folder from your old system to the new one. You risk importing files that do not exist anymore and getting stuck on the loading screen. 

To install your game on your new PC simply log into your Microsoft or Steam account and download your game from your library. 


If your game is up-to-date,

  1. Do a backup copy of the Official and Community folders installed on your old system. Some of your settings, like your keybindings are saved into the cloud and will import when you log into your account.
  2. Create a folder on the drive of your choice (We recommend giving it a simple name like "Microsoft Flight Simulator" or "MSFS")
  3. Copy-paste the backup folders inside your new folder.
  4. Do a clean install of the app via the Xbox app or Steam (the initial 1.5 gib you install before downloading the packages)
  5. Once you reach the installation manager screen, select the install Package Path
  6. Select the folder you created earlier (example: "D: MSFS") and let the installation manager scan the existing files. 



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