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Error message "Purchase failed"


If you are unable to purchase any item in the Marketplace, please do the following:


I. Do not run Microsoft Flight Simulator as admin

If you always launch Microsoft Flight Simulator as admin, try to launch the sim without selecting "Run as administrator."

II. Remove and re-add the method payment in your Microsoft Account.

Remove a payment method online

Add a new payment method online

For more instructions, visit: Change your Microsoft account payment method

III. Check your preferred billing information

Ensure that the information from your payment method (card, paypal etc...) matches the billing information in your Microsoft account

  • Go to
  • Click on Payment & Billing in thee top menu bar
  • Select Adress book
  • Edit or delete any outdated information

For instance, make sure that the address format is exactly the same and double-check that the country is correctly set-up.

IV. Install the Xbox app

  • Download & Install the Xbox (beta) app > here < or visit this page
  • Reboot your computer
  • Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator from the Xbox app instead of the Windows Store

You should now be able to purchase the content of your choice.

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